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  1. AIEE: American Institute of Electrical Engineers (now IEEE) AIEE: Associazione Italiana Economisti dell'Energia (Italian: Italian Association of Energy Economists) AIEE: An Interactive Environment Engine (software) AIEE: Aeronautical Imagery Exploitation Environment: AIEE: Association of International Educators: AIEE: Activity-Induced Energy.
  2. Acronym Definition; AIEEE: All India Engineering Entrance Exam: AIEEE: Acronym Interaction, Expansion and Extrapolation Engine (web based acronym generator).
  3. The AIEE became increasingly focused on electrical power and its ability to change people’s lives through the unprecedented products and services it could deliver. There was a secondary focus on wired communication, both the telegraph and the telephone.
  4. Were founded in and AIEE was power and utility oriented. IRE was radio and later electronics oriented. The AIEE was American oriented.
  5. Aie synonyms, Aie pronunciation, Aie translation, English dictionary definition of Aie. abbreviation for Associate of the Institute of Actuaries American Institute of Architects. Aie - definition of Aie by The Free Dictionary. Aiee; Aiee; Aiee; Aiee; AIEEE; AIEEM; AIEET; AIEF; AIEFC; AIEG; AIEH;.
  6. [1] AIEE Committee Report, "Power system fault control," Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, vol. An Overview of Transmission Line Protection by Artificial Neural Network: Fault Detection, Fault Classification, Fault Location, and Fault Direction Discrimination.
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  8. Let's Plays, Streams, many other things as well. Channel is run by an Asian and 2 white guys:D If you enjoy the videos we make, feel free to Subscribe! If y.

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